30 3 / 2013

Keeping up with our tradition of bringing new and exciting flavors to Doylestown - here is our new and awesomest “Toothpaste & Shallot” Frozen Yogurt at HandleBar aka the best taste (&after taste) to ever have in your mouth. 

14 11 / 2012

*** Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Doylestownians.*****

On Saturday, the 17th of November, we at HandleBar announce the launch of the worlds best Liège waffles aka pearl waffles aka sugar waffles in Doylestown. These waffles of massive deliciousness (WMDs) will be distributed FREE of charge to all  goo.gl/cdEkL. (between 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm). 

Bear in mind these WMDs are no regular waffles you have ever had before - Liège (pronounced lee-age, lege, leche whichever way you prefer) Waffles are Belgium’s most popular variety – a legendary creation by an 18th century chef to the prince - bishop of Liège. Historically, we have been told about only one variety of waffles - the ‘belgian waffles’. The truth is - there is nothing called as belgian waffles in Belgium (In China you dont call “Chinese food” - chinese food. DUH!), But thats besides the point. Our authentic Liege waffles are going to be your life’s great indulgences — caramelized ‘pearl’ sugar glistening on the most delicious buttery-sweet, hot, doughy. soft and crunchy treasure beneath. The only problem you’ll have with these waffles is that you will never enjoy any other waffle again.

See you on the 17th Doylestown!.

RSVP here: http://goo.gl/cdEkL

A picture of the first lot of hot and fresh Liege waffles made with authentic pearl sugar and waffle irons imported straight from Belgium!

25 10 / 2012

This is an in-house recipe we made for a quick-fix ‘Shrikhand’. ‘Shrikhand is a rich yet simple Indian sweet dish made of strained yogurt. 

This is a part of the reward our kickstarter backers get this weekend. 

08 10 / 2012

If you are an artist in the Doylestown/Bucks county region, HandleBar is looking for you. 

(Kenn F, a local singer/songwriter performing live at HandleBar Frozen Yogurt)

Over the past weeks we at HandleBar Frozen Yogurt have been collaborating with local artists (singers, song writers, photographers, performers, professionals and amateurs alike) to organize small events at our store. As much as Doylestown has been liking our frozen yogurt, our customers enjoy these events at HandleBar and have been asking for more. If you are interested, you can email us at hello@gohandlebar.com with a lil information about yourself and may be a photo/video of your previous performance/exhibition. Thanks!!

31 8 / 2012

Introducing self-serve probiotic Smoothies. #Doylestown #Frozen Yogurt

Introducing self-serve probiotic Smoothies. #Doylestown #Frozen Yogurt

14 8 / 2012

Just so you know, at HandleBar we use “square” to process payments. In addition to cash and all major credit cards we can also accept ‘square’ payments on our cool iPad based systems. (News is, many other retailers are adopting this new tech - and we are glad that we thought of it even before Starbucks decided to join square last week)

And yes, this pic has nothing to do with Square - the iPads we use also double up as photobooth and we found these pictures on it. Meet Kathleen and Christy our awesomme yogurt officers who can help you with anything during your next trip at HandleBar.

08 8 / 2012

A quick roundup of the new toppings and flavors we introduced at HandleBar Frozen Yogurt in the month of August.

Seen below clockwise from left top - 

1.Candied Fennel Seeds. (for the uninitiated - fennel seeds is a spice used in a few Asian countries as a spice and after-meal and is known to have many medicinal properties)

2. Wheat germ

3. Cotton candy (kids went crazy on this one)

4. Choclate rocks (looks like hard rock pebbles, but very soft inside they melt the moment you put it in your mouth)

5. Yogurt covered ginger snaps. (not shown in picture)

6. Lemon Chips (not shown in picture)

 7. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

8. Sapodilla

9. Jackfruit

Shown below, Sapodilla: Sapodilla, is a long-lived, evergreen tree native to southern mexico, Caribbean and a few S.E Asian countries. It is sweet, juicy and extremely delicious and tastes somewhat like caramel and has a grainy texture to it. 

Jackfruit: is a tropical fruit native to S. E Asian countries and a few South American countries as well. The picture below shows seeds of a jackfruit - and it’s fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 80 pounds. The jack fruit has a taste similar to chicken when green (unripe), making it an ideal meat substitute for vegetarians. When ripe, the fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple and is quite sweet.

And our new flavor invented in-house- ‘Rose Rage’. Seen in the picture below is Rose Flavored Yogurt with Rose Syrup and Gulkand (rose compote) - tastes heavenly!

Seen in the picture below, Cotton Candy was a HUGE hit with kids.

Stay tuned Doylestown, we will continue to amaze you with our amazing yogurt flavors and toppings! HandleBar Frozen Yogurt - ‘Exotic flavors and toppings from far away lands to your local favorites’.

Leave a comment and let us know if you wish to see a particular flavor or toppings and we will try our best to get that for you! 

Love & Hugs,

Team HandleBar

24 7 / 2012

Your fridge just got cooler or may be, your living room just got hip! 

Share your Doylestown instagrams on our facebook page. Each day we will be going through all the pictures you submit on our facebook page, select the ones we like and turn them into lovely little instagram magnets (we will select at least one every day). At the end of each month - we choose one instagram (our favorite) and convert it into a nice and elegant canvas print. (instagrams with a hint of HandleBar Fro-Yo in it get extra brownie points)

So watcha waiting for hot shot, get funky, start clicking!!

Love & Hugs,

HandleBar Team.


1. Contest begins on or about July 25, 2012 and ends September 30, 2012.  

2. Winners will be announced the everyday on our facebook page.

2. Please allow at least 3 weeks to print the magnets and the canvas. (In most cases it will be much earlier than 3 weeks though). You will have to personally pick up the manets and/or the canvas prints from our Doylestown store during store hours. Just show the original photo on your phone.

3. The photograph must be the original work of the entrant.   

4. By submitting the photograph, you give HandleBar LLC the right to use and/or modify the photograph for marketing purpose, using re-prints for the store etc.

5. Any and all persons in your photograph must be over the age of 21 and you must have their written consent to be included in the photograph. If the photograph has a minor, a guardian’s consent is required. 

6. The photograph must not include any obscene, pornographic or inappropriate images. Any and all such photographs will be disqualified.

20 6 / 2012

Wanna Work at HandleBar?

We’re a fun and a lil’ crazy bunch of 11 (so far) “Yogurt Officers” working at HandleBar Frozen Yogurt in the heart of historic downtown Doylestown, PA . Our mission is to serve you THE BEST swirl of fro-yo with flavors & toppings from “far away lands” to your local favorites (unlike any on the market). 

Want to work in a relaxed, fun environment with plenty of “sweet” benefits? Come join us! 

Right now, we are looking for a Store Manager, email your resumes at gohandlebar[at]gmail.com

10 4 / 2012

Yay! The Doylestown Patch recently featured us on their homepage. Read the complete article here. Thank you Doylestown for all the support shown so far - its been less than a week and we are already ~25% funded. Keep spreading the buzz! 

BTW, A few people asked why we did not approach the traditional money lending avenues like Banks, credit unions etc. Why kickstarter?

Answer: A little bit about Kickstarter - Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Once your project is approved and launched by Kickstarter, it must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands. Kickstarter facilitates gathering monetary resources in exchange of rewards from the general public, a model which circumvents many traditional avenues of investment. We are trying to raise $7,000 on our kickstarter page in exchange of some exciting rewards like the exotic goodie basket, mercer tile magnets, free frozen yogurt, fro-yo socials, photo-shoots, opening day party invitations etc. If we are successful on kickstarter, the funds would cover a part of our total expenses. Like for any business, we need monetary support to start - instead of the conventional options, (yes, we did approach Banks, Credit unions - and their proposals were not quiet favorable for a small business like ours) we chose Kickstarter’s platform to pitch our project directly to our customers and “crowd-fund” our idea. There are many examples on kickstarter.com of how a small but highly creative idea, someone’s dream eventually became a successful business, and needless to say, it happens only with the support of the community. 

Thanks again! Love and Hugs

- HandleBar!